Book Trailer

It has been a well known saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and in today’s time, we are all addicted to more and more videos. So, we can easily say that a video is worth a million words.

With our book trailer services, we provide a platform to the authors to present their books to the audience in a very professional manner. The video/book trailer is generally a 2-3 minute video and we try to cover the major aspects of the story followed by the purchase links ,reviews received and how the book can help the audience / what should be expected when someone buys the book( by sharing the message that the author wants to give to the audience).

Book trailers can help you in a wider online presence and it really makes the audience notice your book and encourages them to know more about your book. Ultimately, it can be a very useful tool in promoting your book sales.

Our book trailers are created by professional video editors and animators who understand the exact science behind making an impact through visual media. Even if you are working with one of our partners for your book illustrations/ publishing, you can get this service directly from us. The regular cost of the book trailer is $499 but if you working with one of our partners for your book publishing services, then this book trailer will cost you only $199.